Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Posing safely

Yes, I know my last post was about safety.  Posing a newborn with his sibling.  But, I cannot stress enough how important it is to not take risks.
It's not worth it.
I've read too many stories about babies being put in unsafe situations purely for the sake of a cute shot.  I just don't get it.  At all.
Why?  Why take a chance in harming anyone when you can do everything carefully.  Safely.
I would love to show ~ once again ~ how to accomplish a safe newborn shot with sibling.
Step one:
Baby on chair.  Note ~ Mommy is RIGHT THERE!  She has been instructed that no matter what is going on around her, she is not to take her eyes off baby.  Baby is in a deep sleep.  I would NEVER put a half awake or fully awake baby on anything that they can wiggle off of.
Take shot

Step two:
Remove baby and give to Mommy.  Enter big brother.  He is encouraged to hide, play peek~a~boo behind the chair and give big smiles.  I put a toy car on the chair to get his attention looking down, for a few "looking at baby" shots
Toddlers are crazy creatures, with unpredictable moods and movements.  This guy liked to pull on the back of the chair, causing the front legs to lift off the ground.  Imagine if baby was still there?
Take shot
Step three:
Photoshop!  My best friend when it comes to composite shots.  Google has plenty of sites with step by step instructions on how to combine composite shots.  Practice with a few and you will see how easy it is. 
Voila!  Perfect image, baby was safe the whole time, big brother had a laugh and everyone remained safe and happy.
Safety first!


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