Monday, 8 December 2014

How to do a sibling/newborn image safely.

Many newborn come with older siblings and nine times out of ten, they will be a toddler. What should your first thought be? Safety!

The floor is the safest spot for a toddler to be with a new baby, laying down and cuddling up. But you may want to add a prop in for extra cuteness.

My first and most important goal is safety for the newborn. I would never put baby at risk of injury. Having said that, having a newborn on a prop with a toddler close by needs to be handled with care and ingenuity.

For this pose, I took care of the newborn pose first. Captured all his cuteness while my assistant stayed within arms reach.

Once I was happy with all my images, baby was given to Mom for some cuddle time while we worked on the next image series.

Enter big brother - who was not so keen with the idea of sitting with baby brother, so we brought in a little bride :) Welcome the kinder egg! With this placed on the bed it gave big brother something to look at, and be happy about.

I took a few shots of him reaching and smiling and looking in the direction of the bed. My assistant was also there for this, pointing out the treat and encouraging big brother.

I took a few shots, and when I was satisfied this pose was complete.

Next - photo shop. I love using this program to combine composition shots like the above. I simply put the two together and got the image I was hoping for!

Be safe my fellow photographers!


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